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High speed stamping press up to 800 SPM


Modular design for integration in customized production lines; Integration of an add. hydraulic stamping unit for secondary operation

Maximum output

Multi track fin forming possibility for maximum output

Ready – to – go

Ready – to – go production solutions integrating de-coiling, de-stacking units, roller- and gripper feeding devices, tooling and sound enclosure etc.

SEP Series

The Right Choice

The modular design of the SEP-series allows for diverse application possibilities and combinations. This makes it particularly attractive for any manufacturing task.

Easy to use changeover equipment, control aided set-up processes as well as the design of the press, which is customized to meet the client’s requirements, all contribute to improved efficiency, cost savings and flexibility. This in turn translates into a significant increase in your competitiveness.

Presses and Punch Systems - Catalogue

From the content:

Customized Solutions

  • Punch systems for the efficient manufacturing of cooling fins from the coil
  • Punch systems for manufacturing clutch friction linings
  • Punch systems for manufacturing band saw blades
  • Punch systems for manufacturing needle bearing cages